Individual Counseling

Personalized coaching to support success in

achieving your nutrition goals



About nutrition and your specific nutrition needs.


To break down barriers that are interfering with your progress.


About why you eat what you do. 


To help you set goals. 


To keep you motivated.

To learn more about our philosophy on weight loss


Your Relationship With Food!

Hi, I’m Kara!

Specializing in overall wellness, diabetes, intuitive eating and eating disorders

 If you…

  • Want to improve your health through nutrition, but don’t know how or where to start
  • Are unsure of what nutrition information to believe
  • Want support and accountability to help you make lasting changes for your health
  • Feel out of control with food 

Kara can help you. Schedule now! 

 If you…

  • Feel afraid to eat
  • Have thoughts about food or your body that consume your life and impact your decisions
  • If you need to increase the amount of food you eat but are unsure how or haven’t been able to
  • If you are a parent of a child with an eating disorder and need guidance to help them achieve recovery

Krista can help you. Schedule now! 

Hi, I’m Krista!

Specializing in eating disorders and body image

Hi, I’m Kim!

Specializing in Chronic Kidney Disease 1-5 (before dialysis)

 If you…

  • Have recently been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and need guidance on what you can do through nutrition to prevent further kidney damage
  • If you know you need to make changes to your diet, but don’t know where to find credible information, resources or support
  • Want to  avoid needing dialysis in the future

Kim can help you. Schedule now! 

Our Process

1. Select a Registered Dietitian...

that specializes in your specific nutrition concern and click the link to schedule an appointment.  If you are unsure which RD is the best fit, click here to learn more about what we each can help you with.

2. Schedule an appointment...

within the Healthie platform (our secure client portal).

3. Complete the brief intake forms

This gives your RD more information to prepare for your session and allows us to check your insurance coverage in advance.

4. Check your email for your insurance coverage details

Our insurance billing specialist, Rebekah, will contact your insurance and check your plan’s coverage for nutrition counseling.  She will send you the information prior to your appointment.

5. Meet with your RD...

in our office at 92nd and Dodge or virtually (from anywhere in Nebraska or Iowa) to discuss your specific nutrition needs and concerns and determine an individualized plan with achievable and sustainable steps that will help you meet your health goals.

6. Let insurance foot the bill

We will file a claim for your session with your insurance.  The majority of plans cover sessions.  If there is a remaining balance (copay, coinsurance, ect), you will receive an invoice via email to pay the balance electronically in your Healthie account.  

group Programs

Family Feeding Recovery Eating Disorder Program

Two nice lovely attractive charming sad people blonde mom mum wiping plates kitchenware teenage girl avoiding work in modern light white interior room

Our exclusive series of evidence-based, effective, virtual eating disorder programs provide:

• information
• resources
•  guidance
•  support
•  community

To help parents restore health, hope and happiness in their child and in their home.


Click here to learn more

Virtual Cooking Programs

Culinary Nutrition Programs

Beautiful smiling young pregnant woman preparing healthy food

Programs Include:

  • Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Change for Prediabetes
  • Low FODMAP Simplified
  • Transitioning to a Plant Focused Diet

Each week the courses provide a nutrition lesson from a slide deck, food guide and customizable meal plan, cooking demonstration with videos, food lists and handouts and a goal sheet. Explore evidence-based nutrition information and prepare simple recipes that will reduce your stress in the kitchen and support you in meeting your health goals.


Click here to learn more