Life Changer Package

Life Changer Package

  • Has it been recommended that you lose weight due to another health condition, but you are unsure how?
  • Have you tried diets only to find yourself in the same position months later?
  • Do you want to eat healthy, but with all of the nutrition recommendations out there don’t know which information is accurate?
  • Do you find yourself eating the same things because you don’t have time to find new ideas?
  • Do you wish you had a nutrition expert to teach, guide and support you through the process?

Hi, I’m Kara!

I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist with over a decade of experience here to support you in meeting your nutrition goals.

We all want to be healthy, but how do we do it and where do we start?  

The Life Changer Package provides evidence based nutrition information, tools, support and accountability from an experienced registered dietitian nutritionist each step of the way to help you establish sustainable change and create lifelong healthy habits! 

Research tells us that lasting change typically happens after at least 6 months of nutrition counseling. If you are ready to prioritize and invest in the journey towards a healthier you, this package is for you! 

I’m ready! Sign Me Up!

Here’s what you can expect from the Life Changer Package

  • 10 individual nutrition counseling sessions with a credible nutrition expert
  • (biweekly for the first 4 months and then once per month for the last 2 months): $1550
  • Access to an app that allows photo food journaling that your dietitian can view for increased accountability  and mindfulness (logs reviewed during individual sessions) $50
  • Weekly email reminders of your established nutrition goals $125
  • Healthy Eating Tipsheet, Portion Size Guide, How to Read a Nutrition Label, Mindful vs Mindless Eating, Meal Prep Tips & Ideas, Strategic Snacking, Guide for InstaPot and Slow Cookers: $25
  • Ultimate Meal Planning Guide for lunch, dinner and salads- $50
  • Life Cycle Nutrition’s – Nutrition for Optimal Health EBook, One Pot Meal Recipe Pack- $25
  • 6 WEEKS of meal plans- $300
  • Bonus: Blank meal planning sheets

Total Value: $2125 (starting at $99/month for 6 months) up to 72% off

 This package is for you if…


  • You want to learn what diets can’t offer (the truth- accurate nutrition information)
  • You want to stop DIEting and start living
  • You want clear guidance on what to eat for optimal wellness and nutritious recipes to try

Stop waiting and start living the life you want.  There will never be a better time than now. Enroll now!

Why you should allow me to be part of your journey…

  • I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist with over a decade of experience.
  • I’ve worked with a wide variety of conditions throughout my career. 
  • I’m a busy mom of 2 and know how difficult it can be to eat well.

It would be my privilege to support you in your life changing journey toward improved wellness!

I hear you saying, “Sounds great, but…”

“I don’t have time.”

There will never be a convenient time, so why wait?  The time is now. Sometimes it takes committing to something in order to make it a priority.  It comes down to deciding how important is improving your nutrition and health to you.

“I’m not sure if it’ll be worth the cost.”

There is no better investment than your health.  If you think about it, not investing in your health will cost you much more in the long run in terms of money, but also wellbeing.  As far as cost, it is well worth it’s value if it improves your health and wellbeing! Most likely the majority of individual nutrition counseling sessions with a registered dietitian nutritionist will be covered which allows you to use the money you would be spending on those sessions toward additional resources and support.

Dedicating time, money and organization to something makes it a priority in your life. Ask yourself what you are devoting most of your time, money and organization to?  If your health is something that is important to you, this program is an opportunity to make it a priority with a small commitment of time, money or organization.

I’M READY!  I want to take the first step to making my health

a priority