The cost of services depends on whether you have insurance coverage that you would like to use. Nutrition counseling is widely covered by most insurance plans. Additionally, most plans have a preventative health policy that includes nutrition counseling as a covered service so, regardless of your specific plan’s coverage, you might be eligible for nutrition counseling covered at 100% (no copay/coinsurance or deductible requirement). Each insurance company has their own individual negotiated rate that they agree to pay for nutrition services. If insurance is billed, the cost of services will be based off of that rate. The rates are subject to change and might vary between services, so we are not able to list the cost before services are provided. 

Insurance Integrated Packages

EXTRA Resources and value at an EXTRA great price!

Private Pay

Discounted Package Pricing:

Get Started Package: 
Initial Session + 2 Follow-up Sessions= $400 ($100 SAVINGS!!!)

Follow-up Package:
3 Follow-up Sessions= $350 ($100 SAVINGS!!!) 

*must have had an initial session in order to purchase this package

Individual Session Pricing:

Initial Session (60 minutes)= $200

Follow-up Session (45 minutes) $150