Life Changing

Nutrition Coaching

We are a team of registered dietitian nutritionists that provide life changing, individualized nutrition coaching that promotes mental and physical wellness.

Our gentle, non-diet approach focuses on making achievable and sustainable changes to provide

lasting success.

With over 30 years of combined experience, we have worked with a wide range of conditions but specialize in the following areas:

Eating disorders

(Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Avoidant Restrictive Intake Disorder)

Pediatric Wellness

Gastrointestinal Issues

Overall Wellness

There is no better investment than your health and happiness! Start your wellness journey today! 

Nutrition Services

We help people restore their health and reclaim their life through a variety of different services.

 Individual Nutrition Counseling

Personalized coaching to support success in achieving your nutrition goals


  • knowledge about nutrition and your specific nutrition needs, 
  • awareness about why you eat what you do, 
  • resources to break down barriers that are interfering with your progress, 
  • support to help you set goals and 
  • accountability to keep you motivated

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-Family Feeding Recovery Eating Disorder Program helps parents restore health, hope and happiness in their child and in their home.

– Optimal Nutrition Course provides evidence-based nutrition information so that you have the resources for optimal wellness at your fingertips! 

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Cost of Nutrition Services

We accept all insurance!  

We are your source for insurance covered nutrition counseling* in select states and exclusive, virtual family-based eating disorder programs nationally!

 * licensed to provide nutrition counseling in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, California, Arizona and Virginia

Did You Know…?

Nutrition counseling is widely covered by most insurance plans. Additionally, most plans have a preventative health policy that includes nutrition counseling as a covered service so, regardless of your specific plan’s coverage, you might be eligible for nutrition counseling covered at 100% (no copay/coinsurance or deductible requirement)! 

Unsure if your insurance plan covers nutrition services?  We’ll do the work of contacting your insurance company for you! 

Just click here to complete the online Insurance Benefit Inquiry Form and we’ll give you a summary of your specific insurance benefits within 5 business days.

Private Pay

If your insurance doesn’t have benefits for nutrition counseling, we offer package pricing to provide services at a discounted rate.  Click here to check out the Pricing page for more details.

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Client Testimonials

“Anna is warm, friendly, and it’s clear she really cares about me as a client. There is no criticism or judgement.”

“She (Anna) helped me realize I had a dysfunctional relationship with food and gave me the tools to improve it.”

“Her specific knowledge and experience with eating disorders helped us make a plan for meals & snacks, plus valuable guidance for the family on what to keep in the fridge. It was exactly the practical steps we needed to begin the recovery process when everything felt chaotic and scary.”

“Krista is a very kind and understanding person.She worked with me and my needs.We made a plan that best benefits my life and my recovery.”

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